Become A Business Partner

Turning 18 marks the beginning of legal adulthood and independence and for many foster youth this means it also marks their emancipation from the foster care system. A big challenge that many foster youth are faced with is a lack of preparation for entering the workforce. Many of these youths find themselves out there in the world alone without support or guidance and often without a plan on how they are going to navigate and manage many challenges of day to day life.

Is your business looking for new ways to get involved in the community? A business partner is a company wanting to mentor foster care youth by giving them an opportunity with a job or let a youth shadow for a day to see what the business world is like. The goal is to provide them the opportunity to connect with the real world business and learn how to interview. The youth will participate as a career shadow, something that most foster care youths don’t get to experience. The youth will see first -hand what a corporate environment looks like and what a college degree or vocational certification has the potential to offer.

You will have an opportunity to change the life of a foster care youth by motivation for a brighter future.

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