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Children enter foster care when a child protective agency and court determines that it’s not a safe environment for the child to live at home due to neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or abandonment.

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Empower and engage foster care children through support, advocacy, programs and services for a brighter future.


Educate and inspire foster care children so they realize their full potential and achieve their goals and opportunities.

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What We Do

Children in foster care are our futures most vulnerable children and need someone to guide them into positive choices that will lead to a productive future. Older youth in foster care are likely to be placed in a group home setting, where they are less apt to form lasting relationships with compassionate, responsible adult figures who can stimulate their emotional and cognitive development. If we encourage these foster care children to dream big, we must provide them direction and skills to help make those dreams become a reality.

Ongoing Causes


Most foster children only have trash bags to move their belongings. You kind donation can sponsor a duffel bag for a child.


Usually ten hours of tutoring can catch a child back up to their level.  You can help sponsor a child ten hours of tutoring for $200.

Sports & Art Programs

Participation in extra-curricular activities can decrease a child’s behavioral issues and increase self-esteem and motivation.

School Supplies

Notebook paper, pencils, erasers, pens, colored pencils, kids scissors, glue sticks, calculators, markers, highlighters, folders, pencil cases, etc.

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Turning 18 marks the beginning of legal adulthood and independence and for many foster youth this means it also marks their emancipation from the foster care system. A big challenge that many foster youth are faced with is a lack of preparation for entering the workforce. Many of these youths find themselves out there in the world alone without support or guidance and often without a plan on how they are going to navigate and manage many challenges of day to day life…

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Fox 13 Interview With The Founder Tami

 "ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (FOX 13) - Foster care children have always had a special place in Tami Martin's heart. As a guardian ad litem for the Family Court system in Pinellas County, she has supported and mentored kids in foster care homes for years. She always felt...

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Foster Shock Documentary Video

Foster Shock is a stunning new documentary that gives viewers a close-up look at Florida’s foster care system through the eyes of traumatized children who’ve depended on it, only to suffer more abuse, neglect and pain. Has privatizing the system really helped protect...

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